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Fast Track Syllabus

Fast Track Syllabus

Duration: 60 hrs.
HTML5 / HTML5: Introduction to HTML and learn about HTML entities, 
Events in HTML, Whitespace & comments, Block & Inline tags,
Image & Text, Introduction to HTML5, Elements in HTML5, Tags & 
Attributes in HTML5, HTML references, HTML forms.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Detailed introduction on CSS
and will learn about Syntax, Rules, Fonts, all the Fundamentals 
and References of CSS. You will also learn CSS3 in which you will have 
its introduction, properties and browser support.

   2. Bootstrap/Responsive
Duration: 60 hrs.

Responsive Web Designing
What is responsive? Why is it important? Benefits, need, limitations, Media Queries

Bootstrap CSS
Overview, Grid system, Typography, Code, Tables, Forms, Buttons, Images, 
Responsive utilities

Bootstrap Components
Overview, Dropdowns, Buttons, Input, Nav, Glyphicons, Breadcrumbs, 
Thumbnails, Alerts, Lists, Panels

Bootstrap JS
Overview, Transitions, Modal, Dropdown, Tab, Popover, Alert, Button,
Collapse, Carousel



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