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Civil CAD

Civil Cad

AEC CAD course is design for professional from Architecture,Electrical & civil engineers,Diploma & ITI Students & working Professionals. For Architects can learn 2d drafting & 3d design for plan . Electrical cad will help to draw electrical layouts. Electrical engineers can learn 3d wire harness design , routing , switches design . For civil engineers cad drawing ,structure design & analysis, 3d visualization   &   Project planning courses will help them get best career opportunity. All trainer are working consultants, help you to get industry exposure.

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· Drawing simple sketches (Line,Arc,Circle,etc)
· Drawing settings
· Modifying entities
· Object selection methods
· Settings and modifying entity properties
· Creating and Managing Layers
· Adding Annotations and Dimensions
· reading text styles and Dimension styles
· Creating construction lines and semi-
· Infinite lines
· Creating blocks and attributes
· Working with Tables
· Creating and viewing slides
· Slide library
· Running scripts
· Creating compound documents with OLE
· Electronic Transmit
· AutoCAD Design center Plotting 
· Layout Management
· Exporting AutoCAD objects
· Piping layout

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3DS Max

3DS Max is a professional 3D animation rendering and modeling software package used mostly by game developers, design visualization specialists, and visual effects artists. Learn tips to create rich, complex design virtualizations, realistic game characters, or 3D film effects. FEATURES :

· 3D Modeling
· Material & Textures
· Walkthroughs
· Lights & Rendering
· Camera
· Game Texture
· Sound addition.

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Structure Design & Analysis For RCC & Steel 
· Classification of structures.
· Structure geometry and coordinate system
· How to generate joints and members
· How to assign struc Boundary Conditions
· Grouping and renumbering of joint
· How to generate loads and combinations
· Linear static analysis.
· Finite element information
· How to generate elements and mesh
· How to generate elements loads
· Report generation.
· Print specifications.
· R.C.C. design as per IS800.
· Interactive design methods.

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Microsoft Project

· Activities, Calendars - Definition,
· Sequencing & estimate duration
· How to develop- a schedule plan
· Network analysis -CPM, PERT, PDM
· How to prepare Work Breakdown Structure
· How to update WBS
· Constraints
· How to manage cost in a project
· How to do Resource Planning and Cost
· How to prepare Resource Sheet
· How to apply resource to each activity
· How to define Resource Pool
· Filters and Grouping
· How Material Resources are being allocated
· Resourse leveling
· Earned Value Analysis
· Customize report generation
· Scheduling in multiple project.

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· Scheduling the project.
· Using PERT chart.
· Defining constraints & overcoming conflicts.
· Defining & assigning activity codes.
· Defining & assigning WBS 
· Reorganizing activities.
· Filtering activities
· Defining project codes.
· Preparing resource information
· How to apply  resource to each activity
· Estimating the cost of the project
· How to analyses the resource.
· How to do resource leveling & resource 
· Scheduling multiple projects.
· Updating the project progress.
· Analyzing earned value management.
· Preparing different reports.
· How to prepare ‘S’ curve.
· Highlighting the progress in the Bar Chart.
· Application of Global change.
· Using report writer.
· Project.

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