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Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing

Why should you learn ? To understand importance and effectiveness of digital marketing. To learn how digital technology or media can impact firm’s tactical marketing activities and drive firm’s performance. To understand how to apply different digital marketing  techniques. To align digital marketing activities with the firm’s marketing strategy. To manage  digital content and apply analytics for effective digital marketing. To accomplish above objectives, you will be exposed to different digital marketing techniques (e.g., search engine marketing, social  media, mobile marketing, and content management) during the course. Through this program, participants will be able to appreciate the importance of digital marketing. Who get benefit?

  • Sales & Marketing managers intending to understand and implement digital marketing in their organizations & to achieve their targets.
  • Professionals from fields of sales and marketing, advertising, communication and PR intending to make career in digital marketing
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners looking at using digital media for promotion and growth of their businesses
  • IT professionals looking at business implication of digital technology/media for marketing
  • Independent professionals (e.g., lawyers, CAs, Management Consultants, Doctors and Public Relation professionals) for building and growing their practice.

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Digital Marketing Course – 6 Months

  • Session 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Session 2: Google Analytics
  • Session 3: Search Engine Optimization
  • Session 4: SEO Tools
  • Session 5: Search Engine Marketing
  • Session 6: Strategy for Social Media Marketing
  • Session 7: Social Medial Marketing
  • Session 8: Email Marketing
  • Session 9: Lead Management
  • Session 10: Ad Designing
  • Session 11: Soft Skill
  • Session 12: LIVE Project

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Digital Marketing Course – 4 Months

  • Session 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Session 2: Search Engine Marketing
  • Session 3: Social Medial Marketing
  • Session 4: Email Marketing
  • Session 5: Soft Skill
  • Session 6: LIVE Project

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